Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Naruto Love Compatibility Test

OK! OK! How could I NOT follow up with this Love Compatibility Test?

Your results are in! You love guys who are sensitive, nice, and caring, which is why you'll fall for the perfect Chuunin teacher how true!!!

Umino Iruka
Chuunin from the Leaf, kind and sensitive teacher, your one true love : Umino Iruka
Iruka-Sensei!! teach me the ways of the ninja :)

NarutoFever.com Love Compatibility Test

isn't he cute??? =D

Rivals :- None at the moment.
(... and it better stay that way! :p )

Find out which Naruto character you're most likely to end up romancing with:


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Naruto Personality Test : Which Evil Naruto Character Are You?
Kabuto the Pharmacist

Your results are in! The adopted son of the leader of Konoha's medical squad, you are far stronger than what you let others believe. You pretended to be a friend but betrayed Konoha's kindness. A traitor at birth and a spy of the Sound, you are the treacherous Yakushi Kabuto.

In real life you are probably a pharmacist. You love healing and the art of medicine. If you are not selling prescription medication, you will be a doctor. Standing behind the counter dispencing prescription is your calling. You might even be the inventer of Viagra or Levitra.



Gaara the Metal Worker

Your results are in! You're not very stable up there and you're quite a psychopath. But you weren't always like that. Long ago, you innocently searched for love but people feared you as you could not control the power in you. You lost all hopes of receiving love when even your most precious person tried to assasinate you... Now living only for yourself, you are Gaara of the Sand. Oh yah, your best friend is probably a gourd.

In real life you have a great affinity with sand and metal. You love the beach and loved playing with sand since young. You like building sand castles at the beach and most possibily you might be a gourd maker when you retire. You are also likely to be in the construction industry or you will be involve with metal works.


It turns out that I'm either a traitorous nerd or an unstable psycho.... d-_-b

Find out which Evil Naruto Character You Are: http://narutofever.com/personality-tests/evil-naruto-character/

Friday, July 22, 2005

I know I know! Updating this blog has been long overdue... but this time I have a legitimate reason - besides laziness. Mama and I have spent the past 4 days in Cameron Highlands, Pahang along with Abang Adam and Kak Shirley (my cousin and his wife). We all had a wonderful and relaxing time. I must say there isn't much to do in Cameron Highlands except to enjoy the gorgeous weather and have your breath taken away by the vibrant flowers.

Before I go on, I thought I should give you a little background info about this tourist destination: Cameron Highlands was discovered by a British named William Cameron in 1885. Soon after, the plateau was turned into a hill station and once winding roads were built, several wealthy residents and British officials built retreats on the slopes. In 1929, a tea plantation was started by John Archibald Russell; it is now known as the "Boh Tea Plantation" (the picture above is a part of the plantation).

The weather up there rarely gets higher than 26 degrees celsius and dips down to an average of 15 degrees celsius - as i said, GORGEOUS weather :) I can understand why the British who could afford to live up here did - what with their starched shirts and petticoats - the "lowlands" must have been a tad too hot for their taste ;). Besides the weather, I also mentioned the flowers - they were breath taking! Not only were there many, many different species of flowers but they were also much larger than in the "lowlands"! As soon as I figure out how to - I will post the pictures - most of them were of flowers ^o^.

Thanks to Uncle Eddie (Kak Shirley's father) we were able to stay at the Shell Rest House, which was a Tudor-style house (a picture of which will hopefully be posted). There was a nice Auntie there who would prepare ours meals for us: Breakfast at 8:30AM and Dinner at 7:oo PM sharp - we thought that we would find the other meals in town... but BOY were we wrong! But then again, people don't go to Pahang for their food. Having saidthat, I must say that the well-to-do British of those times really did know how to enjoy the finer things in life - they had a beautiful rest house surrounded by expertly landscaped gardens and helpers for virtually everything... they barely needed to lift a finger - in my humble opinion. However, I can't say I am envious since too many days of idleness is not only boring but tiring as well! How do I know this you wonder?? Simple answer: I know this from experience... :p

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Never Give Up!

A guy walks into the human resources department of a large company and hands the executive his application. The executive begins to scan the sheet, and notices that the applicant has been fired from every job he has ever held.

"I must say," says the executive, "your work history is terrible. You've been fired from every job.""Yes," says the man.

"Well," continues the executive, "there's not much positive in that." "Hey!" says the guy as he pokes the application. "At least I'm not a quitter."

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Sometimes, all it takes is an understanding of the psychology of the human mind.

The Titanic was sinking and there weren't enough lifeboats. So, the Captain had to persuade male passengers to jump into the icy waters to make room for women and children.

To the British, he said:
"You must act like Gentlemen." They jumped.

To the Americans, he said:
"You can be Heroes." They obliged.

To the Germans, he said:
"It's the Rule." They obeyed.

To the Japanese, he said:
"It's the Consensus." They complied.

Then came a group of Singaporeans and they just weren't budging until the Captain came up with an appeal:
"Free life jackets for those who jump!"

Then came a group of Malaysians. Before the Captain could think of what to say,
They yelled "Malaysia Boleh!" and they jumped.

Then the coxswain threw boxes of beverages into the icy waters. Cool beers were floating everywhere! The Captain was stunned to see men, women and children of Costa Rica shout "PURA VIDA!" and jump into the water.