Monday, February 27, 2006

All Fired Up!

Last Thursday night, Christine (my mentee) and I went to a SWE event for some pottery painting. The store, "All Fired Up!" is located behind "Scotty's Brewhouse" on the (Wabash) Landing.

When we entered the store, we were so spoiled for choices! There were so many pottery pieces that I think it took us a little under half an hour to finally choose our pottery pieces:

I chose the monkey bowl - It was too cute to resist ^_^.

Christine chose a cool wavy sushi plate!

Once the pieces were chosen, we sat down to paint them:

Check out the end results:

Christine's turned out really cool! I love the colored strips! I painted a decidedly feminine monkey - with lipstrick and nail polish =p :

All in all, it was an extremely enjoyable activity!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

This Post is SoOoo Long Overdue...

I had a second surprise for my birthday... thanks to all those involved! You know who you guys are :)
Below are the cool gifts I received:

From my family, I received an AWESOME digital camera... I love it so much and am always using it... I love taking pictures :) Finally, my almost 10 year old camera can retire:

From Lyndel and Champin I received a beautiful Bath & Body Works hamper.... It's so pretty that I can't bring myself to use it - in fact it's still wrapped up nicely on my dresser :)

I also received customly designed Naruto CDs from Champin:

How professionally designed are these?!?!?! Yep, some people are just plain talented.

Oh, I also got myself something ^_^. Couldn't resist - and I can truly say this is from me because I bought this using my meager TA earnings :p

I'm learning to play the guitar :) I want to be talented too :D ( I would like to apologize to my roommies for any discomfort caused ^_^ )

The Reason for My Absence...

A couple of weeks ago I received an email about "stress".

In short, the email indicated that high levels of stress altered one's perception. To test the stress levels, a picture was attached to the email:

It was found that stress is directly correlated to the number of differences that one sees between the two (identical) dolphins in the picture.

I was immediately alarmed as I perceived that one of the alleged dolphins was a COW! I was definitely experiencing a great amount of stress... though I didn't realize this!

The email recommended that I take some time off, and I did... I'm feeling better now.

I'm slightly less stressed and can begin blogging again ;)

Friday, February 10, 2006

Random Thoughts of the Day

This morning as I brushed my teeth I realized that I LOVE my new toothbrush... It's such a fresh pastel mint-green color! It makes me feel so energized!

Not only is it such a pretty color, it also fits into the toothbrush holder that we have in our sink area:

And last but not least,my toothbrush is the same pastel mint-green color as my all-time favorite Excel spreadsheet background color!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Days of Apt. #1's Lives

I have 3 wonderful roommates and they all need glasses. However, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, their daily lives are not affected by their eyesight (or lack thereof).

But! Every night, before they go to bed they remove their contacts and for that short period of time they take to walk back to their rooms, they are also glasses-less.

Sometimes I wonder, if I were to wear my brown t-shirt and khaki pants and stand really,really quietly in front of one of our doors during this short period, what would happen?


Yep... that is what I think would happen. She would pass right by me :) 'Why?' you ask? It's because that one time when she wasn't wearing her "visual- aids" she could barely see me... i was wearing a bright blue sweater... enough said ^_^.

Siao Yee:

Siao Yee, I would say, has slightly better eyesight... BUT due to her "blurness" I think she would actually pass by the silent me... before noticing that something was out of place. Then being the person that she is, she would turn around and investigate... and find ME there =p


I think Hilarree has pretty good eyesight and is not very blur... so she would notice me right away. So I don't believe I need to illustrate that case ;) But if you must know, Hilarree would most likely ask me: "Eh Intan, what are you doing?"

I don't mean to make fun of all those who need to wear glasses. On the contrary, actually! I just wanted to point out to you girls (Jayme & Siao Yee) that it's not all that bad to be visually-challenged. I mean, you have Lasik surgery (not sure how you spell it) to improve your vision. In my case, I am vertically-challenged and I don't know of any surgery that will increase my height... except for this painful surgery that entails stretching your bones (performed in China I believe).

!~*Imperfections make life more interesting*~!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

!~*My Early Surprise Birthday Party*~!

The Champions of Excellence decided to have a large get-together at House of Saigon last Friday (or so I thought). Before the pre-arranged time, I decided to take a nap. 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet, I rolled out of bed... i didn't even comb my hair :p and headed for House of Saigon with Jayme.
But "Surprise! Surprise!" they had actually planned a surprise party for me :) You guys are sooooo sweeeeet I'm getting cavities! ;)
Here are some pics from the event:

1) Me and my cake (look at my pleasantly surprised albeit a little dopey look) 2) Albert and I posing in front of our cake 3) Happiness from the both of us... I think this was after the Birthday song 4) Blowing out the candles!... well at least that was what I was doing... I'm not so sure what Albert was up to :p

All those who came from one end of the table... to the other :)

1) All the gifts that I received that night~! Thanks guys!! 2) What is a 21st birthday without some beverages? even if they are simply Welch's sparkling juice, the bottles look right ;) 3) Me cutting my cake ^_^.

1) Something for the gym! So this is more motivation to keep up with my plan to go to the gym regularly... for you guys I will go ;) 2) Again, another snapshot of all the gifts I received that night. 3) Here is a nice gift set from Hilarree.... Mango Mandarin... yummy!

Finally, to commemorate this special age that I'll be turning soon, I placed my "21" candles in several pictures.... can you guys guess how many "21's" there are? (in the pictures)

I truly appreciate the surprise guys! I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends and family~! :) Every birthday at Purdue has been truly memorable! Thanks to everyone who has made it wonderful for me (you all know who you are ;) ).