Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Days of Apt. #1's Lives

I have 3 wonderful roommates and they all need glasses. However, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, their daily lives are not affected by their eyesight (or lack thereof).

But! Every night, before they go to bed they remove their contacts and for that short period of time they take to walk back to their rooms, they are also glasses-less.

Sometimes I wonder, if I were to wear my brown t-shirt and khaki pants and stand really,really quietly in front of one of our doors during this short period, what would happen?


Yep... that is what I think would happen. She would pass right by me :) 'Why?' you ask? It's because that one time when she wasn't wearing her "visual- aids" she could barely see me... i was wearing a bright blue sweater... enough said ^_^.

Siao Yee:

Siao Yee, I would say, has slightly better eyesight... BUT due to her "blurness" I think she would actually pass by the silent me... before noticing that something was out of place. Then being the person that she is, she would turn around and investigate... and find ME there =p


I think Hilarree has pretty good eyesight and is not very blur... so she would notice me right away. So I don't believe I need to illustrate that case ;) But if you must know, Hilarree would most likely ask me: "Eh Intan, what are you doing?"

I don't mean to make fun of all those who need to wear glasses. On the contrary, actually! I just wanted to point out to you girls (Jayme & Siao Yee) that it's not all that bad to be visually-challenged. I mean, you have Lasik surgery (not sure how you spell it) to improve your vision. In my case, I am vertically-challenged and I don't know of any surgery that will increase my height... except for this painful surgery that entails stretching your bones (performed in China I believe).

!~*Imperfections make life more interesting*~!


At 10:53 PM, Blogger Liquan said...

hahaha....tat is so Siao Yee!!


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