Sunday, February 05, 2006

!~*My Early Surprise Birthday Party*~!

The Champions of Excellence decided to have a large get-together at House of Saigon last Friday (or so I thought). Before the pre-arranged time, I decided to take a nap. 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet, I rolled out of bed... i didn't even comb my hair :p and headed for House of Saigon with Jayme.
But "Surprise! Surprise!" they had actually planned a surprise party for me :) You guys are sooooo sweeeeet I'm getting cavities! ;)
Here are some pics from the event:

1) Me and my cake (look at my pleasantly surprised albeit a little dopey look) 2) Albert and I posing in front of our cake 3) Happiness from the both of us... I think this was after the Birthday song 4) Blowing out the candles!... well at least that was what I was doing... I'm not so sure what Albert was up to :p

All those who came from one end of the table... to the other :)

1) All the gifts that I received that night~! Thanks guys!! 2) What is a 21st birthday without some beverages? even if they are simply Welch's sparkling juice, the bottles look right ;) 3) Me cutting my cake ^_^.

1) Something for the gym! So this is more motivation to keep up with my plan to go to the gym regularly... for you guys I will go ;) 2) Again, another snapshot of all the gifts I received that night. 3) Here is a nice gift set from Hilarree.... Mango Mandarin... yummy!

Finally, to commemorate this special age that I'll be turning soon, I placed my "21" candles in several pictures.... can you guys guess how many "21's" there are? (in the pictures)

I truly appreciate the surprise guys! I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends and family~! :) Every birthday at Purdue has been truly memorable! Thanks to everyone who has made it wonderful for me (you all know who you are ;) ).


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