Saturday, February 25, 2006

This Post is SoOoo Long Overdue...

I had a second surprise for my birthday... thanks to all those involved! You know who you guys are :)
Below are the cool gifts I received:

From my family, I received an AWESOME digital camera... I love it so much and am always using it... I love taking pictures :) Finally, my almost 10 year old camera can retire:

From Lyndel and Champin I received a beautiful Bath & Body Works hamper.... It's so pretty that I can't bring myself to use it - in fact it's still wrapped up nicely on my dresser :)

I also received customly designed Naruto CDs from Champin:

How professionally designed are these?!?!?! Yep, some people are just plain talented.

Oh, I also got myself something ^_^. Couldn't resist - and I can truly say this is from me because I bought this using my meager TA earnings :p

I'm learning to play the guitar :) I want to be talented too :D ( I would like to apologize to my roommies for any discomfort caused ^_^ )


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